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LEA™ Core Tests Starter Toolkit For Assessment & Screening

Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, has created numerous vision assessment and screening products since designing her LEA SYMBOLS® (apple, house, circle, square) in 1976. Over time, individualized eye chart variations using LEA SYMBOLS were created for various vision screening programs. Dr....

LEA NUMBERS® Proportional Spaced Distance Chart

These adult LEA NUMBERS® optotypes with proportionally spaced (logMAR) lines; line sizes range from 20/160 to 20/8 (6/48 to 6/2.4) equivalent, 0.12 to 2.50. This chart is designed for the ESV1018 Professional Visual Acuity Cabinet. The cabinet illuminates the chart giving it the best...

LEA SYMBOLS® & HOTV Combination Flash Cards

LEA SYMBOLS® & HOTV combination replacement flash cards. This set of 4 cards contains LEA SYMBOLS on one side and HOTV Letters on the reverse.

VIP Screener Illuminator

Illuminator for VIP screening test. Contains universal power supply.

LEA SYMBOLS® and HOTV Massachusetts Acuity Wallchart

This test is designed specifically for the new Massachusetts Preschool Vision Screening Protocol. LEA SYMBOLS® on one side, HOTV on opposite side. One practice line, two line sizes of 20/40 (equivalent) for 3 year olds and two lines sizes of 20/32 (equivalent) for 4+ year olds. Has a...

LEA SYMBOLS® Veras Spanish Screener

Veras Spanish Screener Book for 5 feet (1.5 meters) with LEA SYMBOLS® pediatric symbols. Includes response key, and training cards. 13 offset pages for easy flipping. 6.25" x 6.5" (15.9 cm x 16.1 cm).Screening distance is 5 feet/1.5 meters

Frosted "See the Eye" Occluder

Frosted occluder provides occlusion for the patient while allowing observation of the eye.

Horse Opaque Occluder Glasses

Who said serious tests had to be done with boring test glasses? Add some fun to your tests with colorful Horse Fun Occluder glasses to help with children's vision tests. These screening/testing occluder glasses are very colorful and are extremely durable!The Horse Fun Occluders includes 2...

PASS 2 Smile Test

Preschool Assessment of Stereopsis with a Smile (PASS) - Stereoacuity test for school assessment of stereopsis in children and non-readers. Includes: 4 Cards (480, 240, Demo, and Blank) with Carrying Case, 1 Pair Pediatric Polarized Viewers, and 1 Pair Intermediate Polarized Viewers.This...

ESV1500 Illuminated Cabinet, Calibrated

Using advanced patented technology, this cabinet self-calibrates illumination on the chart surface for both photopic (85 cdm2) and mesopic (3 cdm2) light level testing. LED lights provides uniform and highly calibrated illumination across the entire testing surface (Patent 5,078,486)....