LEA SYMBOLS® Distance Visual Acuity Charts

#250250 and #250220 The non-translucent LEA SYMBOLS® chart #250250 is the original folding distance chart for preschool and kindergarten children and for assessment of vision of persons with difficulties in testing based on letters or numbers. It was designed in 1976 as one of the LEA Vision Test System tests to assess visual acuity. This… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation

#258000 LEA SYMBOLS® developed by Lea Hyvärinen, M.D. The LEA SYMBOLS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation (#258000) is designed for examination of severely visually impaired children and adults. The largest symbols are 50M in size corresponding to 1/50 (20/1000, 6/300, 0.02) and the smallest symbols are 1M in size corresponding 1/1 (20/20, 6/6, 1.0) at a… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Test for Large Illuminator Cabinet

#250300 The LEA SYMBOLS® distance visual acuity test for the big Illuminator Cabinet is manufactured for 3 meter test distance. Chart #250300 for 3 meters (10 feet) testing distance fits the ETDRS Cabinet, which has self-calibrating luminance levels. The recommended luminance level to be used in research projects is 85cd/m² in the US Luminance level… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Tests for Small Illuminator Cabinet

#250400, #252400, #255100 Standard illumination is a prerequisite for standardized measurements of visual acuity. Illuminator cabinets have been used more than 25 years to guarantee even illumination of visual acuity tests. They are most often used at the maximum illumination but can also be used even at low mesopic luminance levels by reducing the luminance… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Distance Visual Acuity Chart

#250150 This non-translucent LEA chart is the original distance chart for kindergarten children (#250150) designed in 1976 and printed first in Finland and since early 1990s in the USA. They are used in vision screening and in assessment of visual functioning in numerous countries. They have their black reverse side, which can be used as… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Pocket Card

#250950 When you want to measure visual acuity values quickly and less exactly than with the standard near vision card (#250800) with its cord to hold the test at the correct distance, you can use the small pocket card and hold it at approximately 40 cm (16 inches). The name pocket card refers to the… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® for Near and Distance Vision Screener

#252000 – #259900 The LEA SYMBOLS® Near and Distance Vision Screener tests were designed for screening but they have become useful also as the easiest line tests because they are faster to use than the standard test (#250800). However, the standard test (#250800) is also important for assessment because the tightly crowded tests on its… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Card

#250800 Near vision is functionally more important than distance vision in the life of a young child and persons with visual impairment. The child is also more accustomed to using vision at near than at greater distances. Therefore introduction of the test situation at near familiarizes the child with the test situation. You learn also… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Crowded Symbol Book

#250700 The CROWDED SYMBOL BOOK (#250700) is a variant of the line test for children/adults who cannot concentrate on looking at a line test chart. The symbols are arranged so that the centre symbol is surrounded on all four sides by symbols of similar size. The interaction between the centre symbol and the surrounding symbols… Read more »

LEA SYMBOLS® Single Symbol Book

#250600 The Single Symbol Book (#250600) is used if the child/adult cannot perform in testing with line tests. It is also used if one wants to determine what is the smallest size of optotypes recognised by a child/adult with amblyopia or impaired vision. When testing a young or visually impaired or multi-disabled child for the… Read more »