LEA NUMBERS® Single Number Book

#274000 The Single Number Book (#274000) is ideal for situations in which the child/adult cannot perform when tested with a line test. This book can help determine the best resolution of the visual pathway in a child/adult with amblyopia or impaired vision. Single optotype line sizes range from 20/200 to 20/8 (6/60 to 6/2.4) equivalent,… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® Cards 40M and 60M

#272400 The large number cards with 40M and 60M optotypes can be presented as single cards or placed in a row for a line test at distance. If the visual acuity is so low that the cards must be held at near distance, watch whether the child/person fixates the picture to see it as a… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation

#272100 LEA NUMBERS® developed by Lea Hyvärinen, M.D. The LEA NUMBERS® Chart for Vision Rehabilitation is designed for examination of severely visually impaired children and adults. The largest optotypes are 50M in size corresponding to 1/50 (20/1000, 6/300, 0.02) and the smallest optotypes are 1M in size corresponding 1/1 (20/20, 6/6, 1.0) at a distance… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® Tests for the EVS3000 Cabinet

#270200 and #271400  test #270200 for the ETDRS lightbox (24.5″ x 25.5″, 62cm x 65cm)is for 4 meters (13 feet).  test #271400 for the ETDRS lightbox (24.5” x 25.5”, 62cm x 65cm)is for 3 meters (10 feet). Instructions First test binocularly. Ask what is the first number on each line in descending order when testing… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® Tests for Illuminator Cabinet

#271200 and #271300 Tests #271200 and #271300 are used with the small lightbox (#ESV1500 or #ESV1200), which has diodes based even luminance. The covering card is easy to hold between the test and the frame of the lightbox. For the small lightbox there are tests for 4 meter (13 foot, #271200) and 3 meter (10… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® 15-Line Distance Chart

#271100 When examining/screening older children and adults the foldable chart (#271100) is kept hanging on the wall. Also the translucent charts (#270200, #271200 and #271300) can be used like the foldable charts without lightbox. When folded, this test becomes a black background for tests like the Panel 16 colour vision test or the LEA Rectangles.… Read more »

LEA NUMBERS® Near Vision Card

#270900, #274100, and #271000 (pocket-sized) Figure 1. Near vision test with LEA NUMBERS® (#270900) contains a line test on the one side and a test with more tightly crowded numbers on the reverse side of the test card. The distance between the numbers on the crowded side is 50 % of the width of the… Read more »


LEA NUMBERS® were developed for international studies in occupational health and school health services. Letters like the Sloan letters are used in the Western world and in the old colonies of western empires but not in a large part of the rest of the world whereas the Arabic numbers are known world over, even in… Read more »