LEA Grating Acuity Tests

Recording Forms

Printable nomograms (pdf, 180 kB).Printable recording form (pdf, 372 kB).Printable recording form with small dots (pdf, 360 kB).Printable recording form without dots (pdf, 316 kB). Instructions I Paediatric Vision Tests I Vision Tests

LEA Low Contrast Grating Acuity Test

#253400 In this test there are for each contrast level two different gratings (Figure 1) so that threshold values can be measured at distances that are possible in usual examination rooms and within the visual sphere of most children and adults. This test makes it possible to measure contrast sensitivity with a test that you… Read more »

Lea Gratings: A Preferential Looking Test

#253300 A preferential looking test In adults visual acuity is measured as “recognition acuity”, which uses standard line tests. This type of test cannot be used in examining infants and children with multiple impairments. Instead of recognition visual acuity, grating acuity is measured with grating acuity tests either as detection or discrimination acuity. LEA GRATINGS… Read more »

LEA Grating Acuity Test

#251300 A Resolving / Discrimination test Designed by Lea Hyvärinen, MD Figure 1. For the measurements of the grating acuity there are four gratings, 8 cpcm, 4 cpcm, 2 cpcm, and 0.5 cpcm (cpcm = cycles per centimetre of the surface). A keycard grating is made of the 2 cpcm grating. The LEA Grating Acuity… Read more »

Introduction to Grating Acuity Tests

Lea Hyvärinen, MD Grating tests have been used to measure contrast sensitivity since the 1960s and became popular as Grating Acuity Cards for detection grating acuity at full contrast in 1980s. The computer-controlled grating tests have not become widely used in clinical medicine because they are expensive and require an experienced technician to use them.… Read more »