Good-Lite Phoropter Roto Chart

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Good-Lite Phoropter Roto Chart

Good-Lite Phoropter Roto Chart

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Near vision roto chart for your phoropter contains a wide variety of tests for the eye care professional. Fits on a phoropter using both the phoropter rod & clip, Notched wheel for easy chart selection. The Phoropter Chart 2 contains the following tests:

  • Sloan Letters; line sizes ranging from 20/200 to 12.5/20
  • LEA SYMBOLS┬«; line sizes ranging from 20/160 to 12.5/20
  • LEA NUMBERS┬«; line sizes ranging from 20/160 to 12.5/20
  • English & Spanish continuous text
  • 20/40 Sloan Letters Vertical and Horizontal Line
  • 20/20 Sloan Letters Horizontal Line
  • 8 line block of 20/20 Sloan Letters with 8 optotypes in each line
  • Cross Hatch Target

Printed on both sides on styrene plastic for long lasting durability. Dial is notched for easy rotation and measures 8" x 7" (20.3 x 17.9 cm).